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I recently purchased the full Monty plus triple clamps through Traxxion Dynamics and RMR in Abbotsford BC. I live near Tacoma WA which is about 150 miles south of RMR. I arrived the evening before and had a Hotel which was several miles away from the shop. I was greeted by the owner, and his staff and left my bike and they were nice enough to take me to the Hotel. They came the following afternoon and picked me up. I also had some new tires installed and your awesome brake pads. Having been a racer for over 35 years and a rider for over 50, and a Public Relations officer for a government agency, this shop and staff are amazing!


They greeted me like I was an old friend, showed me the shop and explained so many things to me. Usually I talk way too much and ask way to many questions, but they were so accommodating and friendly I was amazed. The best part was the 150 mile ride home, as the suspension is incredible! What a joy to ride. I am sure people are quick to complain when things go wrong, not sure how often people respond letting you know that 3000 miles from your shop, there is someone extremely happy with the parts, the process, and most of all the service your service installer provides. I have a few Harley's in my shop and hope to also have them do future work as well as any future service on my Honda.

Thank you again!


Matt Holm, Washington

Aug 2019


Dale helped me out with lowering my bike- he gave me lots of options to reach your bike's fullest potential for your size, weight,

and style of riding

 approachable. five stars! 


Susan Federspiel, May 2018    


​Hey guys, just wanted to extend my biggest thanks for the amazing work you did on my sit ski shock.  I finally got on the mountain this morning and holy sh*t does the shock feel amazing!!  Never better.

Thanks again and keep up the amazing work!!!

Troy Morrison, Sun Peaks

Dec 2019

All motorcycle dealerships should take their staff to RMR Suspensions for training in customer service! I was happy to leave my bike in the hands of these knowledgeable people. They even helped me find a rare part I couldn't find anywhere after months of searching... As long as I own a motorcycle I will be taking it to RMR.

Bruce Hicks, Vancouver 

Dec 2019 

I bring my bike here and love it! These guys are truly the best in the game (locally) and I know when I can trust them when I leave my bike there. The pricing is fair and honest, and the work is quality. All the employees are very knowledgeable and kind. 


Caiden Keller, Feb 2019



Hey Rod, I just wanna

thank you again for the suspension it worked amazing on the weekend I got 8th on sat and I was running in 4th on Sunday till my pipe decided it wanted to crush into my frame. But it is by far the best suspension I have ever had and a lot of people where checking it out.

Jamie Iwaschuk, Clearwater, BC

Feb 2019


Thank you for getting my shocks for the Maverick back to me in time for the long weekend. Can't believe the difference they have made to how the machine now handles. The shocks were pretty good before but I can now go so much faster through the bends and the machine now handles like a dream (no more rear end hopping) and through the rough stuff the suspension just eats it up. Job well done guys.

Dave Godfrey, Jan 2020

Mission, BC


​Thx Guys for the setup, on my zx14 heavy spring and valving for my sumo weight! I love the Öhlins rear shock,the front, looks like the cartridge and valving did the trick for a little money savings! Absolutely every body should set it up for their own weight, its a must !

See ya next time! Greasy side down

Janos Kesckes

Jan 2020

After some frustrating time was spent trying to dial in my new triple air forks I called Rod to get his opinion on changing the bike back to a spring with the new race tech spring kit. Rod had expressed that we should try a re-valve and get the suspension set up for my weight and riding capabilities before spending money on the air to spring replacement kit. I only wish I had just sent the suspension to him right away because the bike rides perfectly now. I couldn't be happier with his set up and also his advice. A big thanks to Rod and RMR suspension for taking my garbage stock suspension and making it into something great. No more arm pump!

Brendan Fox, 

Jan 2020


​This e-mail is long overdue as a 'Thank you' for the excellent job that you and your team have done swapping out the factory suspension with the Traxxion & Ohlins for my 2003 Yamaha FJR1300. The swap was done about a year ago April (I'm the guy on the crutches recovering from my ruptured achilles tendon). This has given me plenty of opportunity to test out the components and garner a tremendous appreciation for what the new suspension could do and the difference has been nothing short of amazing! The change has truly exceeded my expectations. No longer do I have that wallowing effect on long or tight sweepers............the bike feels totally grounded.


On tight corners the pegs are no longer scrapping like they use to. At real slow speeds the bike feels so balanced.............I'm not having to fight the bike when it was 'wiggling' all over the place............again the bike just feels rock steady. Riding two-up I forget I even have a passenger on the bike. On all day road trips I'm having no trouble keeping up with the boys while negotiating corners that use to make me feel so unsettled. With the new Traxxion & Ohlins components I'm truly enjoying an increasing confidence on the solid and predictable way my bike now handles..........a bike that not long ago I was ready to give up on. Yes, I've never had it so good...........the pleasure and fun factor and the smiles are all part of my regular experience now!


I've recommended a number of friends to get their suspension work done at RMR Suspension.

Rod you're right on the money regarding how important good suspension components are for your motorcycle. I'm very glad to have met you three years ago at the Motorcycle Show!
Again Rod my gratitude for a job well done!

Gord Morin, Port Coquitlam

May 2020

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