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Street Bike


Optimize the way your motorcycle handles on the streets or on the circuit with RMR. 

At RMR we understand road bikes, from cruisers to race bikes, and we have the components and settings to optimize your motorcycle's capability, ride ability, and functionality.  

When it comes to suspension for your motorcycle, RMR has you covered and supplies a full range of products and services for each and every model, and advanced settings and setup to have you riding like you dreamed of!



Fork Service(WP/KYB/Showa)

A complete fork service is necessary when your forks are leaking or have a considerable amount of riding time. The oil inside works just like the oil in your engine, as it heats up, it breaks down. This causes seals and bushings to break down faster, fading performance and ride quality. During a fork rebuild, all parts are removed, cleaned, polished, and all necessary wear parts are replaced. We polish the chrome tubes to remove any scoring, replace all oil, and reassemble your forks to the specifications needed for your weight and riding style. 

Fork Revalve(WP/KYB/Showa)

Revalving your forks is great for any rider at any skill level. Suspension on bikes is ever-changing. From spring rate, to air forks, multi-chamber, valving, pistons, the list is endless. Manufacturers are always looking for the next best technology to use in their bikes. This will give you more confidence as a rider, in the feel of the bike, and it will improve the overall ride quality and handling. 

Shock Service

Our shock service is a basic maintenance of a rear shock. We completely disassemble the shock, clean the internals, replace the oil and the nitrogen. The parts are inspected to ensure that they are still within the manufacturer specifications.

Shock Rebuild

Our shock rebuild is a complete overhaul of your stock shock. After disassembly and cleaning of all the internals, we rebuild the seal head with all new components, and replace all of the wear parts to bring the shock back to manufacturer specifications. Finishing it off with new nitrogen and oil will bring your shock back to life. We service Ohlins, Showa, KYB, Penske, Matris, Nitron and Sachs rear shocks.

Suspension Lowering

We get asked by many customers how much we can lower their bikes. The answer to that question really depends on your bike. For the forks, we lower the suspension internally or if there's room, we may raise them in the triples. For the shock, there are a few ways to do this from lowering links to adjustable transformer pull rods to lowering the shock internally. Depending on your bike, we will recommend the best way to lower your suspension to ensure that you maintain ride quality and don't sacrifice safety. While shortening your suspension, additional parts may include seals, bushings, oil, or springs.  Give us a call and we can help you determine how we can set up your bike.

Ohlins, Penske, Matris & Nitron Shock Service Rebuild

We service and rebuild Ohlins and Penske shocks.  This service includes labour, seal head and oil.

Sag Setup

Setting your sag is the simplest, most overlooked adjustment that you can make to drastically improve the handling of your bike. It’s also the most important step in setting up your suspension.

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