With ROCS, XTRIG created a new system for an even higher stability of the already top-quality triple clamps. Opposing clamps guarantee an even better functioning of the fork and are more stable than ever. Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork.

  •         Improved responsiveness of the fork: Perfect roundness in the clamping area, even under load
  •         Higher resistance of turning the fork legs: Self-inhibition of the fork tubes in both directions
  •         Optimal function of the fork: Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork
  •         Secure clamping of the fork: No mutual influence of the clamping screws preload
  •         Lightweight: No material between the clamping screws

ROCS Pro with adjustable offset and fine machined clamping bore

Bike Make & Model & clamp offset choice
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