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The innovative hydraulic cartridge for Race performances by Dal Soggio, excellent for off-road disciplines, especially for enduro but also well adaptable and high performing for motocross too. It’s absolutely the winning choice for people that demand the maximum for their suspensions, without compromises!


Why choose SPHERE?

The answer is very simple.

This particular sealed and pressurized cartridge considerably increases the precision and sensitivity of the forks, giving better feedback to the rider.  Consequently, beyond just safety, you will have more fun riding your dirt bike, whether you are racing or just out having fun riding with friends.


-COMPRESSION REGULATOR Thanks’ to 38 click available, it provides a wide and more precise regulation of compression.


-AUTOMATIC BLEED VALVEThe automatic bleed valves are calibrated one by one in laboratory to ensure the correct internal pression.


-BLADDERThe pressurized bladder system guarantees a greater sensitivity to the front fork.


-COMPRESSION PISTONThe compression piston is made of anodized ERGAL 7075. There are 4 oil passages instead of 3 to ensure a greater and more precise oil flow.


-REBOUND PISTONThe rebound piston is made of anodized ERGAL 7075. The 4 oil’s passages decrease the wear of oil and shims. The slide band (made with teflon treatment) is necessary to give a greater sensitivity to the hydraulic cartridge.


-REBOUND REGULATORThanks to 38 clicks, the rebound regulator provides a wider and more precise rebound adjustment.


-FAST PRELOADThis gives the possibility to preload the fork in a simple and fast way, without having to remove the hydraulic cartridge from the forks.


-ROD OIL SEALThe particular profile of the lip seal is adapted to avoid the slip-stick effect on the small movements of the shock absorber.


* Includes springs 

Dal Soggio Sphere Hydraulic Cartridge

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